CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark 1.3.1

Policy Pack based on the Azure Foundations 1.3.1 benchmark provided by the Center for Internet Security (CIS)

First Steps

  1. Install Cloud Graph CLI.
  2. Set up the Azure Provider for CG with the cg init azure command.
  3. Add Policy Pack for CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations benchmark using cg policy add azure-cis-1.3.1 command.
  4. Execute the ruleset using the scan command cg scan azure.
  5. Query the findings using the different options:

Use the CloudGraph Policy Pack for Azure CIS 1.3.1 to query all of your CIS findings for all of your Azure Accounts:


Querying findings by resource:


Available Ruleset

Please see the CIS 1.3.1 README for a table of available rules.

Updated 18 May 2022
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